External User Access Procedure
  1. Contact Andrew Grieco (agrieco@eng.ucsd.edu) with a brief description of your processing goals and requirements at the Chip-Scale Photonics Testing Facility.
  2. If your company is new to the facility complete the Chip-Scale Photonics Testing Facility External User Service Agreement.
    • Enter the required information in Exhibit A, then print and sign the document.
    • Scan and email the signed agreement to Andrew Grieco.
    • Please note that approval may take one to two weeks.
  3. If your company has already established a service agreement with the Chip-Scale Photonics Testing Facility, you can be added to the existing service agreement by signing the New User Form. Please note that your supervisor must also sign the New User Form.
  4. Thoroughly study the Chip-Scale Photonics Testing Facility Policies and Procedures document. Contact Andrew Grieco to arrange a facility orientation, and pass the Policies and Procedures exam at the end of the orientation. Sign the laser standard operating procedure, and upon completion fill out the following waiver form to be listed on the LUA. Note that the LUA number is 1128.
  5. When all the access requirements are complete, the Chip-Scale Photonics Testing Facility will supply external users with a facility access card ($25 per card) and upon university approval of the service agreement the card will be activated for Chip-Scale Photonics Testing Facility access.
  6. Submit payment for Chip-Scale Photonics Testing Facility usage in the form of a check or PO for the value stated in your service agreement. Please note:
    • The Chip-Scale Photonics Testing Facility cannot accept PO's for payments less than $1000. If the payment is less than $1000 it must be submitted by check. Make checks payable to "UC Regents."
    • PO's will be invoiced monthly based on usage. Monthly payments can be submitted by check payable to "UC Regents."
  7. Facility usage rates are outlined on the Chip-Scale Photonics Testing Facility website.