All applicants must be United States citizens or U.S. permanent residents enrolled in an undergraduate institution for the duration of the program. In addition, all applicants must commit to the entire 10-week program (no late arrivals, no early departures.)

All participants are required to complete the entire 10-week program. Students who arrive late or leave early will not be accepted. There are no vacations during the 10-week program. Participation in the weekly seminars and social activities is mandatory for successful completion of the program.

Dates: The program dates for Summer 2017 are June 26th - September 1st. REU Participants are expected to arrive the weekend before program begins


  • UC San Diego on-campus housing will be provided
  • Student housing is arranged and paid for by SDNI REU program
  • Move-in day is the Saturday or Sunday prior to the start of the program
  • Move-out day is the Saturday following the last day of the program
  • Students will be charged for any move-out cleaning fees

Travel Expenses: Up to $500 in travel expenses will be reimbursed to each student. Receipts must be provided.

Stipends: Each student will receive a $4,500 stipend for the program

Applicants will be notified via email of their application status no later than April 15, 2017.

Applying to the SDNI REU Program

Research Areas


Professor Prabhakar Bandaru
Project: Solar energy based desalination through hierarchical carbon nanostructures.
Project: Graphene based electronics and photonics

Professor Renkun Chen
Project: Nanostructured Thermoelectric Devices for Personalized Air Conditioning

Professor Shaochen Chen
Project: Rapid 3D bioprinting of biomaterials for precision tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

Professor Shaya Fainman
Project: Si-Photonics, Nanolasers and biosensing

Professor David P. Fenning
Project: New approaches to nanostructuring next-generation solar cell materials.

Professor Boubacar Kante
Project: Design fabrication and characterization of metamaterials for invisibility, sensing and information processing.

Professor Darren Lipomi
Project: Novel thin-film strain sensors based on nanoparticle-decorated graphene films.

Professor Ping Liu
Project: Self forming, self repairing batteries
Project: Batteries as solid state actuators

Professor Zhaowei Liu
Project1: High speed super resolution optical imaging and spectroscopy techniques and their applications.
Project2: Fabrication of nanoplasmonnics and metamaterials structures for bio sensing and fluorescence enhancement.

Professor Yuwha Lo
Project: Design microfluidic and electronic devices to study protein-ligand, protein-aptamer, and protein-nucleic acid interactions for drug discovery.

Professor Tina Ng
Project: Short-Wavelength infrared photodiodes based on modular tunable conjugated polymers.

Professor Ivan Schuller
Project: Materials and Devices for Neuromorphic Computing

Professor Andrea Tao
Project: Biomimetic nanostructures for generating optical reflectance in extreme environments
Project: Self-assembly of plasmonic nanocomposites

Professor Elizabeth Villa
Project1: Building of a stage for a light microscope to operate at cryogenic temperature.
Project2: Building microfluidic devices that can be frozen for cryo-electron microscopy.
Project3: Automation of focused-ion-beam milling of cellular samples.
Project4: Developing computational tools for the quantitative analysis of cryo-electron microscopy data of cells, including making molecular models to describe mechanical properties of biomolecules.

Professor Joseph Wang 
Project: Advanced nanorobots that Write and Repair

Professor Sheng Xu 
Project: Field effect transistor based 3D biosensors




All applicants must be United States citizens or U.S. permanent residents enrolled in an undergraduate institution for the duration of the program. In addition, all applicants must commit to the entire 10-week program (no late arrivals, no early departures.)

The SDNI REU Summer Program application deadline is March 15th of the program year. We will continue to accept applications after that date until the positions are filled. Students applying to the program are asked to submit the following:

  1. An online completed Application Form
  2. Transcripts:
    Unofficial transcripts of all previous college work or university work, including work in progress. Transcripts should be sent via email to You MUST include your first name, middle initial, last name, and current institution in the email so your transcript can be matched with your application.
  3. Letters of recommendation
    Two letters of recommendation from professors in your major field. Two completed REU Letter of Recommendation forms
    When you create an online application to the SDNI REU program, you will be required to enter recommenders information. The application system does not send a notification to recommenders until after you submit your application. Therefore, please submit your application with enough time remaining for those individuals to have sufficient time to login and submit their letters. Should they have any trouble with the system, they can email their letters to

Submit inquires and application materials to: