Internal User Access Procedure
  1. Contact Andrew Grieco ( with a brief description of your processing goals and requirements at the Chip-Scale Photonics Testing Facility.
  2. Print the Chip-Scale Photonics Testing Facility Internal User Agreement and sign it. Have your faculty advisor sign it as well. Scan and email this form to Andrew Grieco (
  3. Attend the UC Laboratory Safety Fundamentals course, and the Laser Safety Seminar, and email copies of your certificate of completion to Andrew Grieco. You can access a copy of your certificate in your UC Learning Center account in the transcripts page. You can register for these courses by following the links below:
  4. Thoroughly study the Chip-Scale Photonics Testing Facility Policies and Procedures document. Contact Andrew Grieco to arrange a facility orientation, and pass the Policies and Procedures exam at the end of the orientation. Sign the laser standard operating procedure , and upon completion fill out the following online waiver form to be listed on the LUA. Note that the LUA number is 1128.
    • Laser Use Enroll
  5. Provide a recharge index number to Andrew Grieco. Facility usage rates are outlined on the Chip-Scale Photonics Testing Facility website.
  6. After you have completed all of the access requirements email Andrew Grieco to request that your campus ID card be activated.